Stand against unfair Technical Protection Measures

Help the Liberals pass an amendment to protect users against unfair Digital Rights Management (DRM)

The Conservative government is getting ready to pass a Copyright Act that has one of the most restrictive digital lock provisions in the world. This bill’s Technical Protection Measures (TPM) will make it illegal to copy a DVD so you can watch it on your tablet – even if you are not infringing on copyright.

If the Bill passes without amendment, any circumvention will become a crime, even if it is only done to enjoy material you have legally purchased on the platform you want to view it on.

Despite Conservative reassurances, Bill C-11 will mean that Canadians will often not have the right to take material they purchase—such as music—and transfer it onto different devices. And there have been persistent, troubling rumours that the Conservatives will attempt to amend C-11 to give the government greater powers to block and pull down websites.

Liberals have listened to consumers, educators, artists, creators, innovators, and ordinary Canadians and acted transparently to propose amendments that strike equilibrium.

We have seen in recent months that, united, we can force the Conservative government to listen to you. Tell the Conservative Government that it should not be illegal to circumvent a digital lock for a purpose that does not infringe on copyright.

Now is the time to stand up for fair and balanced legislation. Please sign this petition and share this page on Facebook and Twitter.

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    To: Stephen Harper

    I, the undersigned, support the Liberal amendment on Bill C-11 to protect user rights against unfair digital locks by allowing digital locks to be broken for copyright materials used for non-infringing purposes.

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