Stop the Harper Conservative CBC Budget Cuts!

Raise your voice against the devastating Conservative cuts to our cherished public broadcaster

It’s official. The Conservative government is attacking the CBC as its scapegoat for their budget deficits. And they’re breaking an election promise to do so.

While the Conservatives are cutting other government departments by just 5 percent or less, the 2012 budget slashed the CBC by more than 10 percent.

Kirstine Stewart, executive vice-president, English Services, said a combined $150 million from the English and French Services budget would have to be cut, including major reductions in programming, and that 650 jobs would be eliminated.

These cuts will have considerable impacts.

Radio Canada International will cease to broadcast over the airwaves. Parts of the population will lose access to TV broadcasts entirely. The number of live music recordings will be cut along with all drama programming from Radio One. CBC Sports will take a $4-million hit. Kids’ CBC will also see a reduction of four hours per week to programming. Radio-Canada will slash show production and regional broadcasts. Beloved shows such as Connect and Dispatches will be cancelled. CBC announced that “there will be six fewer series on the CBC television network, meaning 175 fewer hours produced.”

UPDATE: Just when you thought the Conservatives had done everything they could to harm the CBC, the government has decided to phase out the Local Programming Improvement Fund. CBC stations across the country will lose an additional $40 million in funding for the creation of local programming, thus harming levels of service in rural areas as well as programming for official language minority communities.

Canadians will not stand for this attack on this cherished public broadcaster. Please sign and share this petition.

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