Harper is ending environmental protection

Speak up now, before Canadians wake up to news of an unimaginable environmental catastrophe.

Think the Conservatives 425-page omnibus budget implementation bill was only about Canada’s finances? Think again.

Bill C-38 amended over 70 different Acts, and 150 pages of the Bill could end over 50 years of environmental oversight in Canada. Within weeks, with next to no debate, and barely any public discussion, this budget become law.

Here’s just part of what that means in practice.

  • Repeal of the the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act so the federal government can sidestep environmental reviews of potentially harmful projects;
  • Weakenening of several environmental laws, including laws protecting species at risk and water, and giving the federal cabinet the authority to approve new pipeline projects and overrule the National Energy Board; and,
  • Repeal of the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act to fight climate change.

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