Stand up for suicide prevention

We can do something about it right now. Tell your Member of Parliament to stand up for suicide prevention.

On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, the House of Commons in Ottawa is voting on a Liberal Party of Canada motion calling on the government to create Canada’s first National Suicide Prevention Strategy.

But without support from members of all parties in the House of Commons, there’s no guarantee this motion will pass.

Only the Canadian people, speaking together with one voice, can force the government to act.

Suicide is often the result of pain, of fear, of desperation and isolation, and especially the absence of hope. It is almost always preventable.

It’s time for all parties to put politics aside. It’s time to do something for the families who have experienced the tragedy of suicide. And get help to those who need it now.

Please sign the petition and share this page on Facebook and Twitter.

Watch this page Tuesday for news as Liberals stand up for suicide prevention in the lead up to this crucial vote.

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  • Sign the petition & tell your MP to support the motion:

    To: My Member of Parliament
    cc: Stephen Harper

    I, the undersigned, support the following motion and call on you to do the same:

    "That the House agree that suicide is more than a personal tragedy, but is also a serious public health issue and public policy priority; and further that the House urge the government to work cooperatively with the provinces, territories, representative organizations from First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people, and other stakeholders to establish and fund a National Suicide Prevention Strategy, which among other measures would promote a comprehensive and evidence-driven approach to deal with this terrible loss of life."

                                                                                                 - my name, postal code

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