Stop Harper’s ballot grab: Commit to vote now

Disrupting voting, stalking Facebook pages. Stand up to Harper while you still can.

On Wednesday April 13th, Conservative operatives stormed into an Elections Canada voting area at University of Guelph and tried to disrupt the vote.

Luckily, they were stopped. But it’s outrageous that this even occurred in Canada. If the Conservatives had an issue with Elections Canada, they should have made a complaint through official channels, not sent in their thugs.

  • Conservatives want to dump Guelph U student votes.
    – The Spec, April 15, 2011
  • Tory effort to annul votes rejected by Elections Canada.
    – Canadian Press, April 15, 2011

After the Conservatives sent Elections Canada a legal letter attempting to throw out the 700 ballots cast in Guelph, the Liberal Party immediately intervened and insisted their ballots be counted. Fortunately, Elections Canada sided with the Liberal Party and declared that the votes would be counted.

This story shows how fragile our democratic rights can be under Harper’s rule — but it’s not too late to fight back.

Commit to vote, right now—add your voice to the growing list of Canadians who are saying I am voting and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

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  • Commit to vote right now

    “We need to make respect for democracy a central part of what we expect from a prime minister. This behaviour is part of a pattern and it’s clear Mr. Harper has shown no respect for the democratic system since the beginning of this campaign. We need to get more students involved—not less.” —Michael Ignatieff

2443 people have committed to vote so far.

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