Stop the smears against Irwin Cotler

Harper’s Conservatives are phoning Canadians telling “reprehensible” lies. Only you can stop them.

Liberals are expressing their disappointment with the ruling by the Speaker of the House of Commons in the matter of false and misleading phone calls to Member of Parliament Professor Irwin Cotler’s Mount Royal constituents.

The ruling comes after Professor Cotler presented evidence in the House that calls had been made to his constituents falsely stating that he had retired or was about to retire, and asking if the constituent would support the Conservatives in the upcoming by-election.

“All parties engage in political activities, but there must be rules by which we all abide to keep things fair and respect this great institution and its serving Members,” said Professor Cotler. “Spreading false and misleading information on something so fundamental as whether the Member is indeed still serving or whether there is a by-election is simply beyond what ought to be acceptable.”

After Professor Cotler’s initial raising of this matter and subsequent media attention, the Conservatives acknowledged that they were responsible for the calls, yet sought to justify it under the bizarre notion that it was “free speech”.

“The Government should do the right thing – acknowledge its wrongdoing, cease and desist from this practice, and undertake that it will not happen again,” concluded Professor Cotler.

You can raise your voice with us to call on Conservatives to stop the smears against Irwin Cotler.

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