Stop Harper’s cuts to Employment Insurance (EI)!

Speak up now, before seasonal workers get harmed in the face of more Conservative cuts!


The Conservative government is looking to make some drastic changes to Employment Insurance. This could seriously harm Canadian seasonal workers in industries like agriculture, tourism and the fishery. Let them know you are against these changes.

Liberal Human Resources & Skills Development and Labour critic Rodger Cuzner made the following statement today on the Conservative government’s proposed changes to Employment Insurance (EI):

We’re concerned that the announced changes will force many Canadians to take low-skilled, low-paying jobs, jeopardize the economic security of communities that are reliant on seasonal industries, and that the appeals process will now be handled by a handful of political appointees based in Ottawa instead of by regional experts who are familiar with local circumstances.

EI is a crucial part of our social safety net. Canadians have paid into the program, and it must be there to fall back on should they find themselves without work.”

Liberals, like Rodger Cuzner, are leading the fight in the House of Commons. You can raise your voice with us to call on Conservatives to leave Employment Insurance as it is.

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    Employment insurance is essential for many hard-working Canadians. I am opposed to the new rules and their harsh treatment of those who hold seasonal jobs.

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