Stop Bill C-31, the Anti-Refugee Bill

Speak up now! Don’t let the Conservatives target refugees with their new immigration bill


The Conservatives are at it again with a new Anti-Refugee Bill. Bill C-31 includes what was formerly Bill C-4, a draconian and backwards piece of legislation that purports to deal with human smuggling, but instead targets legitimate refugee claimants and not the real criminals: the human smugglers themselves.

Bill C-31 would punish the most vulnerable, those who go to great lengths to escape violence and persecution to find asylum in Canada. It has no place in Canadian society,” said the Liberal Immigration critic, Kevin Lamoureux.

“Under the Conservatives, the Government of Canada has ripped away our welcome mat to the world,” said Mr. Lamoureux. “Our refugee system has been built on fairness and humanitarian compassion, but these new changes will remove all accountability and recourse to claimants by making the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration the sole decision-maker on which countries are deemed ‘safe countr[ies]-of-origin.’”

In the House of Commons, the Liberal Party presented substantive and reasonable amendments to Bill C-31 through cooperation with other opposition parties, to improve the bill, but most were rejected by the Conservatives. Now that the bill is going through the Senate, Liberals will re-introduce many of these amendments.

“The Conservatives claim to know even before a person arrives on our shores whether or not they are a legitimate refugee, or in their words, ‘bogus’. Not only is this impossible, but it is fundamentally unjust. Liberals want a more effective refugee system, but like all Canadians, we also want it to be fair,” concluded Mr. Lamoureux.

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