Save Canada’s Search and Rescue Stations

Keep our coastal communities safe! Save Coast Guard Stations like those in Vancouver, Quebec and St. John’s.


The Conservative government’s reckless decision to shutter Search and Rescue Stations across the country will have a dramatic impact on the safety of Canada’s coastlines.

“These Search and Rescue Stations are the frontline for safety on Canada’s waters. Now this service will be limited, response times will suffer significantly and Canadian lives will be put at risk,” said Liberal Fisheries and Oceans critic Lawrence MacAulay.

The closure of the Vancouver Search and Rescue Station comes on the heels of another Search and Rescue Centre closure in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and the announcement that the rescue centre in Quebec City will also be shuttered. The Conservative government plans to spread emergency services thin, eliminating up to 763 positions and stretching Coast Guard regions, leaving fewer rescuers to cover more ground when responding to emergencies.

“What this all amounts to is a Conservative government showing a dangerous disregard for the people of coastal communities, their safety and their way of life,” said Mr. MacAulay.

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    To: Stephen Harper

    I, the undersigned, am calling on the Conservative government to keep Canada’s Coastal Communities safe by keeping Coast Guard Search and Rescue stations like those in Vancouver and Quebec open, and re-opening the one in St. John's.

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