Speak up for rural mail delivery

Box-to-box rural and roadside mail delivery, an essential service, is under threat.


While it may seem like a minor inconvenience for some, for people living in rural communities, and especially for seniors in those communities, the change from home delivery to centralized group mailboxes could have a real impact on their personal safety and quality of life.

When winter hits and the roads freeze, those living in rural communities will be forced to risk their well-being when retrieving their mail — braving narrow, icy roads and dangerous weather. And those without access to a vehicle will have to find alternative means.

Many seniors in rural communities – particularly those who don’t drive and have difficulty walking – rely on home mail delivery as a point of contact to the outside world. They not only rely on the mail for personal letters and commercial goods, but also for income payments and important financial statements. The Conservative government should not allow Canada Post to alter delivery service in a way that compromises the safety of its customers.

Box-to-box rural and roadside mail services must be preserved, and it is the responsibility of the federal government to do so.

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    I, the undersigned, demand that the Conservative government ensure that box-to-box rural and roadside mail services are preserved.

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