Keep Canada in the United Nations!

Conservative MPs are outrageously suggesting Canada be the first of 193 countries to withdraw from the UN


Larry Miller, the Conservative MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, wants Canada to withdraw from the United Nations, outrageously suggesting we be the first of 193 countries to leave the international organization that has promoted peace, cooperation and human rights since 1945.

In response, Liberal Foreign Affairs critic Dominic LeBlanc issued the following statement:

“Conservative MP Larry Miller’s ignorant comments calling for Canada to withdraw from the UN are symptomatic of a government that has no interest in protecting Canada’s place on the world stage.

Their foreign policy, comprised of press releases, criticizing others and throwing hissy-fits when others dare criticize them, has damaged our international reputation, and affected our ability to work collaboratively with other governments and multilateral organizations.

We live in an interconnected world where we can only protect Canada’s interests by playing a positive role internationally. We cannot isolate ourselves as the Conservatives seem to believe. Canadians are best served by a policy of constructive engagement – priorities that value actions more than rhetoric.”

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