Don’t shut down the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)

The ELA, who’s research helps shape environmental policy throughout the world, is being shut down by Harper!


By shutting down the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), the Conservative government is needlessly eliminating landmark research performed nowhere else in the world.

“This field ‘laboratory’ has for over 40 years conducted freshwater research that benefits not just Canada, but the world,” said Liberal Water Policy critic Francis Scarpaleggia. “This Conservative government would rather pay money to shut down this research facility than see it continue to produce data that influences worldwide policy decisions.”

The ELA is a world-renowned facility performing research at a scale found nowhere else in the world. Studies performed at the ELA have produced real-world results, helping to shape government policy on acid rain and mercury levels and providing us with an understanding on how climate change is affecting our aquatic ecosystems. As a result of the Conservative government’s decision to shutter the ELA, scientists will be forced to look elsewhere for opportunities to conduct vital water-related research.

“Getting rid of the ELA is just the latest in a long list of environmental failures by this government,” said Liberal Environment critic Dr. Kirsty Duncan. “From flunking out of Kyoto, to undermining the environmental review process, to gutting Environment Canada’s ozone assessment and arctic research programs, to weakening legislation that protects Canada’s waters and fish habitats, to muzzling government scientists and threatening environmental NGOs, it is clear that the Conservatives are determined to actively undermine Canada’s reputation as a world leader on the environment.”

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    I, the undersigned, am against the Harper government's shutting down of the Experimental Lakes Area as this action prevents valuable research from taking place.

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