Tell Harper: No more hiding behind omnibus bills

Help put an end to abusive Conservative Omnibus Bills that are radically changing Canada


The latest Parliamentary session has seen serious abuses of power by the Harper Conservatives.

“In just over a year, the Harper Conservatives have done nothing but steamroll democracy, quash dissent and ram through legislation,” said Liberal Leader Bob Rae. “This government has used its majority mandate to clamp down on its critics. In Parliament it shut down committees, limited debates and hid its wrong-headed ideological agenda in omnibus bills, like the ‘kitchen-sink’ budget which made sweeping changes to Employment Insurance, Old Age Security, as well as fisheries and environmental regulations.”

With more than 750 clauses, debate on the mammoth omnibus budget bill was further curtailed by the government’s use of time allocation and other procedural tools to limit scrutiny.

To combat future abuses of power, this week, Liberal House Leader Marc Garneau introduced a motion in the Standing Committee on Procedural and House Affairs to study what reasonable limits should be placed on the consideration of omnibus legislation by Parliament.

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