Fight for Katimavik: Stop Harper’s Cuts

All evidence points to a successful and fiscally responsible program – so why defund it?


“As a former chair of the Board, I know the tremendous work that Katimavik does and how it helps some of our most vulnerable youth. In completely gutting this amazing organization, the Conservative government is eliminating opportunities for tomorrow’s workforce rather than creating them.”

“In defunding Katimavik, the Conservative government is ignoring its own evidence of the organization’s benefits to youth and Canadian communities. For every dollar the organization spends, about $2.20 is generated for the host community. The program is a fiscally prudent way of getting young people to become active, engaged citizens, but these irresponsible Conservative budget cuts will kill it.”

– Justin Trudeau

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    Whereas Katimavik has given a chance to 30,000 Canadian youth to actively participate in Canadian communities, with 572,392 hours of volunteering service in 2011 alone;

    Whereas for each dollar invested in the program, roughly 2.20 dollars return to the communities Katimavik serves;

    Whereas the recently made public Canadian Heritage summative evaluation of the programme makes very clear how Katimavik is not only relevant, important and valuable, but also how the organization attains its targets with programs that tie in with both government-wide priorities and the department’s strategic objectives.

    Therefore, we, your petitioners, call upon that the Government of Canada; The Honorable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages; The Honorable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance; the Right Honorable Stephen Harper; and the House of Commons to acknowledge the importance of Katimavik and reinstate its appropriate funding.

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