Tell Harper: Tell Canadians the truth about F35s

How do you feel knowing Stephen Harper misled you about $10,000,000,000? Let him know.


“Over the last several years, the Harper Conservatives have misled Canadians in order to cover-up their total mismanagement of the biggest military procurement in Canada’s history. The responsibility for this incompetence lies with Stephen Harper and he must resign.”

– Bob Rae, Liberal Leader

“Defence Minister Peter MacKay blames the $10 billion hole on ‘accounting’ mistakes. This giant gap is not a mistake; it’s a failure of leadership that extends all the way to the Prime Minister’s Office.”

– John McKay, Liberal Defence critic

“The Auditor General’s report makes it clear the Conservatives knew, or ought to have known, more than they were letting on.”

– Marc Garneau, Liberal House Leader

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    To: Stephen Harper:

    I will not be lied to over any sum of taxpayer money. We, the Canadian people, expect truth and accountability from our government, not accounting excuses. Anything less, Mr. Harper, and you must resign.

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