UBB: Co-sign Marc Garneau’s CRTC submission

Don’t give the CRTC a second chance to make the same mistake.

After five years in power, Tony Clement and the Conservatives still have no plan for the digital economy. And it took half a million voices rising in protest for them to wake up to the fact the CRTC’s UBB decision would have set back Canada’s digital economy even further.

Testifying in Parliament last week, Clement failed to present a vision for Canada’s digital economy or explain how the government will ensure fairness and transparency in building Canada’s Internet capacity. This shows the fight for an open web is far from over.

Only Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party have shown leadership by taking strong positions on net neutrality, open government, broadband access, fair copyright, digital democracy and now usage-based billing. We must win this fight once and for all so that we can begin building Canada’s digital future today.

Please co-sign Liberal Industry Critic Marc Garneau’s CRTC submission so that he can fight for you in Parliament with the force of thousands of voices behind him.

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  • Co-sign Marc's submission

    Sign this submission to find out how you can get these limited edition buttonsThe Internet is not simply a series of tubes, wires and towers owned and controlled by telecom companies. It is and must be an open network of people, connecting ideas and creativity. The Liberal Party is calling on the CRTC to expand the scope of its study. In doing so we join those fighting hardest for an open and competitive Internet, like the Canadian Network Operators Consortium (CNOC), the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), the Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP), and others.

    This is a critical moment for the future of Canada’s digital economy. We must lay the foundation for an open, competitive and affordable Internet in Canada now or risk being left even further behind.

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